Bigg Boss S4's recently evicted Anitha Sampath was one of the potential contestants who received mixed reviews from the viewers.

The newscaster, however, made her position in the game stronger and got herself a decent amount of followers when her strategy led to Samyuktha's eviction; she was then regarded as the game-changer.

But her recent brawl with Aari has caused a massive decrease in her votes, especially when she presented Aari with a brush and earbuds as a sarcastic Christmas gift.

Things didn't end there as Anitha who joined Kamal on stage gave several unexpected advice to the viewers, exhibiting herself as the perfect example.

One of her advice includes choosing a suitable life partner who will remain with us till the end of time - and some viewers take social media to point out how her advice fit Kamal Haasan himself who didn't have a successful relationship to-date.