Sanam Shetty, Anitha Sampath and Aari Arjunan are Bigg Boss S4 contestants who became close pals during their stay in the house when the others formed a group among themselves.

Even though the trio had several misunderstandings during the show, both Sanam and Anitha were there cheering for Aari when he was named as the Bigg Boss S4 winner during the finale.

When the rest of the contestants maintained their lovely friendship after the show, Sanam revealed that Anitha is not talking to her at the moment.

Besides dedicating a lovely post for Aari Arjunan in conjunction with the Friendship Day, Sanam posted a special message to Anitha which reads:

"Doesn't matter that you're not talking now, but I will always remember our beautiful moments dear Anitha. Happy Friendship day da. Thanks for being my friend."

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