Bigg Boss S4 has been the talk of the town lately. Compared to the previous seasons, it's evident in this season that contestants came well prepared to play the game.

In the leadership of VJ Archana, Rio Raj, Aranthangi Nisha and some other contestants are said to be practising 'groupism'. Apart from that, netizens are furious with Nisha for washing clothes and serving the other contestants like Jithan Ramesh, Rio Raj and Archana.

In a recent interview, even Nisha's husband Riaz mentioned Sanam Shetty as his favourite contestant, not his wife.

He thinks that Sanam is a 'singapaen' (brave woman) because she gets angry and stays quiet at the right situations.

"She has learned how to approach everyone. I don't know if she got the experience inside or outside of the Bigg Boss house. She plays her role correctly," he added.

Watch his full interview here:

Source: Indiaglitz