Trisha and Nayanthara are probably the longest-reigning queens of Kollywood. Both the actresses started their acting careers around the same time and had a longer run than many of the actresses their age.

Interestingly, they used to be good friends. But, it was said that the actresses had a fallout a few years back. According to some media sites, both Trisha and Nayanthara were hoping to star opposite Vijay in 'Kuruvi', however, the role went to Trisha.

A few other similar professional conflicts were believed to put a strain on their friendship. But, Trisha admitted in an interview that while they did have a fallout, it was not for professional reasons. She explained that it was a personal misunderstanding caused by their mutual friends.

In another interview, Nayanthara revealed that Trisha initiated the patch-up by communicating with her first. She also mentioned that they lost touch because of work commitments and was thankful to Trisha for connecting with her again and reviving the friendship.

While it sounds like the two actresses are back together as friends, there hasn't been much public or social media interaction between them. Trisha was not spotted at any of Nayanthara's parties or special occasions. Nayanthara was never featured on any of Trisha's social media posts or stories.

It makes us wonder if they are still friends and stay in touch with each other, especially now that K-Town is back in business.

Source: Odicha TV & India Today
Photo Credit: India Today, The News Minute & Pinterest