The Bigg Boss S4 show is over but the fever is still on as the contestants continue to go viral on social media as they post pictures of their small reunions or hold a live interaction with their fans.

Recently, the Bigg Boss S4 clan got together to watch Kalathil Santhippom starring Jithan Ramesh's brother Jiiva. Almost all the contestants were present, even Balaji who just lost his father recently. But, Sanam and Aari were nowhere to be found.

This sparked a question among netizens if Aari and Sanam are still facing discrimination after the show. At first, it was unclear if they were invited or they couldn't make it.

Anitha Sampath explained in her Instagram post that some of them didn't join the movie session due to their busy schedules. Aranthangi Nisha was also missing in the picture. Check it out:

A post shared by Anitha Sampath (@official_anithasampath)

We can't wait to watch the Bigg Boss S4 Kondattam that will be featuring all the contestants. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Instagram