Superstar Rajinikanth Stepped Up To Help Actress Vijayalakshmi!

  • 09 Aug 2019

Vijayalakshmi is a South Indian actress who debuted in Kollywood via Thalapathy Vijay's 'Friends'. The actress played Vijay's sister and Surya's pair in the movie.

Following that, the actress also played prominent roles in several other movies and serials, before shifting her focus entirely on Kannada movies. Sadly, she didn't get many opportunities in both Tamil and Kannada.

The actress had quite a rollercoaster life, where she attempted to commit suicide in 2016 after losing her dad due to poor health. She was then engaged to actor Srujan Lokesh, but they went apart after three years. Rumours were making rounds that she had an affair with Seeman later on.

It came as shocking news that her health deteriorated badly and the actress got admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Mallya Hospital, Bangalore due to high blood pressure in February 2019.

During her hospitalisation period, Vijayalakshmi's sister Usha Devi had given an interview mentioning how they spent all their hard-earned money for their mother's treatment and that they are looking for monetary help to save her sister.

The sisters were struggling to make ends meet and news surfaced that actress Vijalakshmi is homeless and staying with her friend.

It was further revealed that the actress was harassed by actor Ravi Prakash who helped her settle the medical bill when she was admitted in the hospital. And that several Kannada actors and even police were misbehaving with her because she's Tamil.

The actress has sought the help of media and her fellow friends from the industry to help her settle her debt and relocate her Chennai. However, no one turned up to help her and her struggling family.

The actress who didn't get any support from her industry mates seeked the help of Superstar Rajinikanth. Failing to reach him via her existing contacts, the actress posted a video on social media, pleading stranger's help to send her video to the actor himself, as she believes only he can get her out of the mess.

Check out the video here:

Now the actress released another video a day later saying she received a call from Superstar himself, who listened to her problems patiently and promised to help rescue her. Check out the video here:

Let's hope for a good future for actress Vijayaletchumi.

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Image credit: Indiaglitz

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