Love, Crush or Just Friends? Tharshan's Alleged GF Reveals Their Real Relationship!

  • 21 Jul 2019

Bigg Boss 3, hosted by Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan, is one of the most controversial shows on Vijay TV. While every housemate is slowly revealing different shades of their character as the weeks go by, Tharshan has been pretty consistent in his behaviour and is one of the favourites among the Bigg Boss fans.

His alleged girlfriend Sanam Shetty recently revealed in an interview that she's actually in love with Tharshan. According to the model, it's difficult not to fall in love with someone like him.

"Anyone who meets and gets to know Tharshan for 2 days, will fall in love with him. He's such a lovable person," she said.

However, they are not in a committed relationship since Tharshan has asked for some time to establish himself as a good actor before pursuing anything serious with Sanam Shetty.

"Since day one, I know he's so talented. Even, I wish that someone as talented and good looking as he is should come up in the acting industry. I want to see him succeed as an actor first. I can wait for him!" Sanam said.

When asked how they met, Sanam explained how facing many struggles in the entertainment industry made her feel lonely and longing for a companion who would understand her problems.

"There was an emptiness in me and by God's grace I met Tharshan in an ad film shoot. There was some spark, I won't call it love at first sight. We started meeting more after that," she explained.

After that, they did a movie together and had the opportunity to spend time and understand each other better.

Talking about Sherin, Sanam admitted she feels a bit uneasy, but won't judge Tharshan based on what happens in the house.

"If whatever that’s happening between them works out, I will be happy for him. Of course, I don't want it to go in that track. However, in the end, it's his decision. If he really likes Sherin, I can't do anything," Sanam added.

At first, it seemed like only Sherin was interested in Tharshan but eventually Tharshan reciprocated her advances. “He doesn’t even flirt with me. So, it’s new for me to see him flirt with Sherin. Yes, I’m human too. I tend to get irritated, but I won’t come to any conclusions since it’s quite difficult to imagine what’s going on in that house.”

Just last week, Meera Mitun claimed Tharshan has started having feelings for her. While Tharshan completely denied the claims and admitted that he has a girlfriend, Meera Mitun continued to accuse him by calling him a 'liar'.

"Meera has always been like this. Those who worked with her know that she's being real in the house. You need a headache pill if you want to talk to Meera. She even claimed that actors Simbu and Jiiva proposed to her and she rejected them previously. That's how she is," Sanam revealed.

Many Tharshan fans are hoping Sanam Shetty would come into the Bigg Boss house to be with her beau. We'll just have to wait for it!

Here's the full interview:

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Photo Credit: Behindwoods & Instagram