Bigg Boss Kasthuri Went Half-Naked for Mothers! Did She Really Body Shame Vanitha?

  • 21 Aug 2019

After actress Kasthuri entered Bigg Boss 3 this week, details about her personal life and heartbreaking past began circulating online.

It's a known fact that Kasthuri has been a controversial figure, talking openly about #MeToo on her Twitter account and in many interviews. More recently, her fellow Bigg Boss contestant Vanitha accused Kasthuri of body shaming her during a task.

It came as a shock to many as Kasthuri has also been part of a beautiful photo series project on accepting motherhood and post-childbirth bodies.

In 2012, she was part of American photographer Jade Beall’s 'A Beautiful Body Project: The Bodies of Mothers'. The project featured pictures of women after childbirth, fully embracing the beauty of their bodies.

When the actress was spotted in one of the pictures, it went viral online. Her pictures were republished in many sites without her consent and eventually, she sued over 20 publications.

Talking about the project to The News Minute in 2012, Kasthuri said, "Even Indian deities are nude. To this day, our saints are half-naked, monks are naked. So that’s a reminder of our past tradition. But the wheel has turned too far. It will take time. Also, In India, there is not a big need for body image introspections I think."

Even before Amala Paul's movie Aadai, Kasthuri has bared it all for a meaningful initiative, which is to alter the 'socially-imposed' beauty standards for women, especially mothers. It's surprising to see the same person who supported and embraced motherhood and post-birth bodies have been accused of body shaming Vanitha. What do you think?

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Source: The News Minute
Photo Credit: Jade Beall Photography & Kollywood Today