Bigg Boss Sakshi Reacts To Kavin & Losliya's Break-Up!

  • 14 Sep 2019

The Bigg Boss S3 reality show is nearing its end and there are only less than 20 days left for the show's grand finale. And this week, the highly anticipated freeze task is going on, where the family and friends of the contestants pays them a visit.

So it's time the contestants find out what's happening out of the Bigg Boss house, and how their behaviour is portrayed on-screen.

It's been quite an interesting week for Kavin and Losliya as they finally realised how their relationship is projected to the viewers.

Losliya was eager to meet her dad after 10-years, but their meet-up turned sour when she was given a stern warning for her behaviour with Kavin. After her parents left the house, Losliya informs Kavin that it's over and she doesn't want to continue the relationship further.

Meanwhile, Kavin's friend entered the house, pointed out Kavin's mistakes and slapped him in front of the housemates who got stunned with the incident. He further said that Kavin should not have broken a girl's trust, and it's obvious that he was referring to Sakshi.

Now after the latest episode, here's what Kavin's old flame Sakshi posted on her Twitter:


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Image credit: Vijay TV

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