VIDEO: Bigg Boss Mugen Celebrates Birthday with His 'Sparkles'

  • 20 Oct 2019

It's been at least 2 weeks since the end of Bigg Boss 3. But Bigg Boss fans are still in the hype of getting know what their favourite contestants are doing.

Throughout the Bigg Boss Season 3, Malaysian-born singer Mugen Rao has been a sensation among the audience. After becoming the title winner of the show, his fan base has multiplied.

Fans and celebrity friends are all eager to celebrate his birthday. But do you know who was at his birthday celebration?

It's none other than his 'Sparkles'. While the legitimacy of his birthday celebration video hasn't been confirmed, it has been going viral online. Check it out!

Notice that Yasmin Nadiah tries to hide away from the camera. This surely must have been Mugen's best birthday yet.

Happy birthday, Mugen Rao!