Bigg Boss Mugen Celebrates Yasmin Nadiah's Birthday, Are They Together? 

  • 28 Nov 2019

Bigg Boss Mugen created history when he won Bigg Boss 3. He was the first Malaysian to enter the show and become the title winner. His return to Malaysia was celebrated like a festival. 

Currently, he boasts a massive fanbase in India and Malaysia, possibly among Tamilians or Bigg Boss fans around the world.

While on the show, the young star admitted to have feelings for a fellow star in Malaysia whom he fondly nicknamed as 'Sparkles'. 

The statement created a lot of speculations as Mugen was believed to have promised his cousin Thurga to marry her and 'Sparkles' was rumuored to be a Malaysian Indian actress Yasmin Nadiah, with whom he has a close friendship.

After Mugen got back to Malaysia, he was spotted with Yasmin celebrating his birthday, however Thurga was no where to be found. On her Instagram account, Thurga seemed to have moved on and never really posted anything about Mugen.

Now, Bigg Boss Mugen has released pictures of him cutting cake with Yasmin for her birthday. Take a look:

In the post, Mugen is referring to Yasmin as 'Sparkles' and does this mean the duo are making their relationship official?

This came as a surprise for many netizens since Mugen never really opened up about his relationship status with Yasmin and Thurga in any of his interviews. 

Well, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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