[PIC] Will Bigg Boss Tharshan Change After Being Warned By Fans?

  • 15 Dec 2019

Bigg Boss Tharshan is probably one of the favourite contestants of Bigg Boss 3. Many believed he would grab the Bigg Boss trophy but shockingly, Tharshan was eliminated and Mugen went on to win in the show.

Despite missing out on the Bigg Boss title, Tharshan was still celebrated by his fans, both online and offline, and is now travelling around India and Malaysia to greet his fans.

However, a recent post on his Twitter became a major setback to his positive image among netizens. This is the post:

In the picture, Tharshan can be seen wearing a 'rudraksha' mala and smoking what looks to be marijuana.

The young star is receiving a lot of backlash for the picture and netizens are warning him not to follow the path of the famous Bigg Boss Oviyaa and choose his film scripts wisely.

Oviyaa was a highly popular Bigg Boss Season 1 contestant, but her choice of films didn't go well with the audience and she failed to make a mark in the film industry despite being loved by many.

So, do you think Tharshan will listen to his fans or follow the footsteps of Oviyaa?

Let us know in the comments!

Source: Filmibeat
Photo Credit: Twitter & Pinterest

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