Rap Porkalam Audition Highlights!

  • 13 Feb 2020

Rap Porkalam has recently been the talk of the town for being the first competition in Malaysia designed to identify Malaysian Tamil rappers.

Rap Porkalam, the brainchild of Astro Ulagam, was inspired by the Bollywood hit movie 'Gully Boy'. A random conversation about the movie between the members of Astro Ulagam has led to the idea of introducing a rap competition just for Malaysian Tamil rappers. 

Even though there are tons of Tamil singing competitions and non-Tamil rap competitions in our country, Rap Porkalam became the first Tamil rap competition in Malaysia. 

Astro Ulagam's vision finally became a reality when 83 talented participants turned up for the audition held at Astro Bukit Jalil on 11th January 2020, and Malaysia's pioneer rapper Emcee Jasz was brought in as a mentor to guide the contestants throughout the competition.

Out of the 83 talented rappers, only 16 participants will be selected to be a part of the competition which will premier on Vinmeen HD CH231 from 22nd February 2020 onwards. 

The selected 16 contestants will be announced soon. Meantime, check out these highlights from Rap Porkalam audition: