Bigg Boss Abhirami Reacts To Mugen-Nadia's Valentine Post!

  • 17 Feb 2020

Mugen Rao is a famous Malaysian artist who has made his love interest towards actress Yasmin Nadiah public during his stay in the Bigg Boss S3 house.

Meanwhile, fellow contestant Abhirami Venkatachalam confessed her love to Mugen during the show and got heartbroken upon learning about Mugen's love interest.

Now months after the finale of Bigg Boss S3, Yasmin Nadiah, who had remained silent on this matter all the while, posted a Valentine's day message to Mugen - establishing their relationship.

Even though both Mugen and Abhirami announced that they are just friends, some started trolling Abhirami following Yasmin's Valentine post. Here's how Abhirami replied to the troll: