"They Treated Me Like A Dog," Reveals Aranthangi Nisha

  • 09 Mar 2020

Aranthangi Nisha is a famous stand-up comedian who shot to fame after taking part in Vijay TV's 'Kalakka Povathu Yaaru'. Recently, the comedian turned into an anchor by hosting 'Cooku With Comali'.

In a recent interview held in conjunction with Women's Day, the anchor revealed how she was mistreated before she got famous.

"I used to be a small-time comedian who travelled to nearby villages for shows. I had to approach nearby houses to use the washroom since there are no public bathrooms in villages. Instead of asking me to go away politely, they just chased me away like a dog. This happened many times. Everyone should be treated with respect, even if they are not famous," recalls Nisha.

Nisha who attended the interview together with her husband revealed more about their loving relationship.

When asked who's the most romantic person in the relationship, Nisha revealed that: "I'm the romantic one because I wrote a love letter with my blood for him, and he asked me where did I buy the sketch."

Check out the couple's fun interview here: