Jayaram Refused To Act With Rajinikanth In This Movie! Here's Why...

  • 06 Jun 2020

Rajinikanth and Jeyaram are two famous South Indian actors who've never worked together in their decades-long career. While Rajinikanth rules Kollywood, Jeyaram is quite popular in Mollywood.

In a recent interview, Jayaram revealed that he was the first choice to play Sarath Babu's ejaman character in Muthu. However, the actor refused to play the role due to a reason.

In one of the scenes in 'Muthu', Jayaram was required to slap Rajinikanth and the actor didn't feel comfortable playing that particular scene. Thus, he declined the whole movie.

According to the actor, he presumed that the scene will not be received well by Superstar Rajinikanth's fans and he didn't feel right playing that scene with such a respectable actor whom he was not close with. 

Hence, he declined the role in the movie which became one of the superhit movies in 1995. 

Jayaram, however, played a similar scene in 'Thenali' where the actor had to slap Ulaganayagam Kamal Haasan. The actor who was quite close to Kamal revealed that he felt comfortable playing that scene with the actor.

Source: Times Of India

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