More Electrifying Rajini Movies Await You Next Week!

  • 14 Jun 2020

Haven't had enough of Superstar Rajinikanth's hit movies yet? 

Rajini70HD (CH 100) has got you covered, with another week of electrifying movies from the actor. 

Here are seven movies you cab watch at 9pm, every day of the week, culminating in a special show for Father's Day on Sunday!

June 15: Velaikaaran

This 1987 flick tells of Ragupathy, who lives with his grandfather in a village, going to the city to find a job. Soon, he learns that his mother is living with a man named Rajkumar and decides to protect him from his enemies.

June 16: Dharmathin Thalaivan

Rajinikanth plays a dual role - as soft-spoken Balasubramaniam, and thuggish Shankar, in this 1988 movie, along with Prabhu, Kushboo and Suhasini. 

June 17: Raja Chinna Roja

Rajinikanth plays Raja, an aspiring actor who relocates from a village to a big city to pursue his dream. There, he meets his childhood friend who promises him an acting job, but has hidden evil intentions. 

June 18: Rajathi Raja

Superstar plays yet another dual role in this movie. It is about Raja, who gets framed for a murder he did not commit, and how he escapes from his predicament with the help of his lookalike Chinnarasu. 

June 19: Baba

This 2002 movie portrayed Rajinikanth's spiritual side, where he played an atheist who always questions the higher power. He eventually gets bestowed with divine powers and he uses it to help the people in his state, much to the chargrin of his enemies.  

June 20: Baasha

This 1995 blockbuster tells of rickshaw driver Manickam, who avoids violence at all costs. However, his past life comes back to haunt him when his brother, a cop, gets into trouble with some goons. 

June 21: Darbar

The week ends with the latest blockbuster Darbar, in conjunction with Father's Day. It is about Mumbai police commissioner Aditya Arunachalam, who sets out to catch Ajay, a drug peddler, but ends up uncovering a deeper controversy linked to an international drug lord, who is on the run. What he loses in his quest makes up the rest of the story. 

Other Father's Day special movies which will be shown throughout the day are Netrikkan, Padaiyappa, Moondru Mugam and Dharma Durai. 

So, get ready to cheer and whistle your way as the electrifying Superstar punches through his enemies on your TV screen!

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