Catch The Last Days Of Rajini 'Fever' With Rajini70HD!

  • 21 Jun 2020

As June draws to an end, so would the "Rajini fever", on the Rajini70HD (CH 100). 

However, Astro has ensured that you will get the best of your favourite star, before the fun ends, with these movies of the Superstar lined up for 9pm, from June 22 to 30. 

June 22: Guru Sishyan

This 1988 flick has Rajinikanth and Prabhu playing petty thieves who help a man framed for murder escape the death row. 

June 23: Johnny

Rajinikanth plays dual role in this 1980 movie - as Johnny, and Vidyasagar. This movie is renowned for its melodious numbers, courtesy of Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja. 

June 24: Pollathavan

This 1980 commercial success saw Rajinikanth pairing with Lakshmi, and Sripriya.

June 25: Annamalai

In this 1992 blockbuster, Rajinikanth plays the titular role, who is a milkman, and a good friend of Ashok, the son of a rich businessman. A rift happens between the two and how Annamalai gains the upper hand forms the rest of the story. 

June 26: Arunachalam

Rajinikanth plays the titular role - an orphan who discovers that he is the son of a late multimillionaire, Vedhachalam. However, to inherit his late father's wealth, Annamalai has to spend thirty crores in a month, without gifting or donating it. 

June 27: Thalapathi

This 1991 blockbuster by director Mani Ratnam has Rajinikanth playing Surya, a courageous man raised in the slums, who fights for the rights of the poor. His friendship with Deva, a powerful don, soon changes his life completely. 

June 28: Mr Bharath

This 1986 flick, which has the evergreen "Ennama Kannu" song, is about Bharath, who seeks revenge on his father, businessman Gopinath (played by Sathyaraj) for abandoning him and his mother.

June 29: Mannan

In this 1992 movie, directed by P. Vasu, Rajinikanth goes head to head against his autocratic and domineering female boss, played by Vijayashanti. How he manipulates his paralysed mother to become his wife with the sole goal of controlling him, and how he overcomes it, forms the crux of the story. 

June 30: Kabali

Rajinikanth plays the titular tole in this 2016 blockbuster, shot mainly in Malaysia. It is about how he becomes a crusader fighting against the oppression faced by the Tamils working in Malaysia as labourers. However, he soon gets framed for a crime he does not commit and gets jailed for 25 years. He then sets out to seek revenge and search for his missing wife and child, upon his release. 

Also don't forget to catch Kai Kodukkum Kai on June 27, at 3pm.

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