Is This How Much Kannamma & Other Casts Of 'Bharathi Kannamma' Earn Per Day?

  • 01 Oct 2020

'Bharathi Kannamma' is a well-known serial that airs every Monday to Friday on Vijay TV. 

Recently, the series became very popular among netizens when the lead actress Roshini a.k.a Kannamma fought with her on-screen husband and left home. 

Now many memes showing as though Kannama has visited several countries and even planets by just walkingm, are trending online. 

In the midst of this, news are making rounds about the daily wages of the serial's lead cast members. 

According to Cineulagam, here's how much the lead actors and actresses of 'Bharathi Kannamma' receive per day: 

  • Arun Prasad (Bharathi): Rs20,000 (approximately RM1,100) 
  • Roshini (Kannamma): Rs20,000 (approximately RM1,100)  
  • Agilan: Rs15,000 (approximately RM850) 
  • Anjali: Rs15,000 (approximately RM850) 
  • Rooba Sri (Amma): Rs10,000 (approximately RM600)  
  • Rishi (Appa): Rs10,000 (approximately RM600)

Source: Cineulagam

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