Bigg Boss Anitha's Husband Reveals Her Real Character!

  • 10 Oct 2020

Since the start of Bigg Boss Season 4, we have been witnessing many interesting incidents in the house. TV anchor Anitha Sampath and actor Suresh have been locking horns because of their differences.

It all began when Anitha 'read news' about Suresh, and he replied with a harmless comment. Anitha felt insulted with his words and continued to have multiple clashes with him after that. COntestants are trying to calm down the duo to no avail. 

Netizens are equally supporting and attacking both celebrities. However, Anitha's fans are a little disappointed with the way she has been behaving in the show.

Talking about Anitha's nature, her husband Prabha has revealed that she can't accept insults from anyone, even if it's from the elders. While he's not justifying her actions, Prabha explained that Anitha is a short-tempered girl but is true to herself in the show.

"She's not trying to get any sympathy. Anitha spoke about her mother and inferiority for having a dark skin since the initial days of our relationship," he said.

Catch his full statement about wife Anitha here:

Source: Little Talks
Photo Credit: Behindwoods, The News Minute & News Bricks

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