Bigg Boss Rio Raj Wants to Give Lip Lock for This Contestant!

  • 10 Oct 2020

Anchor and actor Rio Raj made a shocking statement on Bigg Boss 4 in its most recent episode. With one of the bedrooms temporarily locked, only females are sleeping on beds. 

The male contestants are all occupying the hall of the house. Some took the couch and others are sleeping on the floor. Suresh was complaining about backache after sleeping on the couch.

Bigg Boss called Rio Raj to the confession room and insists that Suresh sleeps on the bed as doctors advised it due to health reasons. 

However, Suresh was a little adamant and didn't want to share the room with other female contestants and preferred to stay on the couch. 

Rio, Nisha, and the other contestants tried to convince him. Suresh randomly said, 'Come give me a kiss', to which Rio replied, 'I'll give a liplock, come and sleep in the room'.

Everyone was shocked at the statement but Suresh eventually went to sleep in the bed. This season is turning out to be as entertaining as the previous one. 

Source: Behindwoods
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