UNSEEN: Is This Pair the New Kavin-Losliya in Bigg Boss 4?

  • 10 Oct 2020

Bigg Boss 4 has been the talk of the town, with contestants slowly starting to settle in and have several conflicts among each other. It's undeniable that love was one of the highlights of the show in the previous seasons.

Kavin and Losliya remain the all-time famous Bigg Boss couple in all three seasons. However, their relationship didn't last long. After leaving the house, and rarely spotted together and rumored to have broken up.

Now, netizens are suspecting Shivani and Balaji to be the next Kavin and Losliya of this season, mainly because the duo is talking and walking together. 

In an unseen video, Shivani, Balaji, and Ramya are sitting at the famous Kavin-Losliya spot and talking about Suresh. That is the exact spot Kavina and Losliya spent time getting to know each other.

Well, it's less than a week, and we can't say for sure if this pair will grow closer in the house. Let's wait and watch!

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