Kamal Went Against Bigg Boss Balaji. Here's What Happened...

  • 12 Oct 2020

The Bigg Boss Tamil S4 show has completed its first week, where Kamal joined the contestants for an overall discussion of everything that happened in the house so far.

One of the problems was a heated argument between Balaji and Sanam - when the former called the Miss South Indian pageant a scam.  

This offended Sanam as she was crowned as the Miss South India 2016 winner. 

While Balaji requested Bigg Boss for a 'kurumpadam' to prove his innocence, Kamal took his stand and supported Sanam instead.  

According to Kamal, it is still wrong to blindly label an organisation as scammers, since millions of people are watching the show and might believe everything that Balaji says.

This week, Suresh has been selected as the leader.