Is Bigg Boss Samyuktha Hiding Her Famous Sister's Identity in the Show?

  • 31 Oct 2020

Samyuktha Kartick is a serial actress, model and a businesswoman who became well-known after taking part in Bigg Boss Tamil S4. 

During the first week in the house, the actress only spoke about her son during one of the tasks, creating the perception that Samyuktha is a single mother. But, she's happily married and spoke about her husband in a recent task.

However, Samyuktha never reveal anything about her family, especially her sister VJ Bhavana. Bhavana is a famous host on Vijay TV and has been part of many shows. Even during a recent task where contestants are required to talk about the people they miss the most, Samyuktha never mentioned her sister Bhavana.


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According to her Instagram account, it was evident that the sisters have been spending the lockdown together and are pretty close. Is there a reason why Samyuktha chose to conceal her relation with VJ Bhavana? 

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Photo Credit: Instagram