"If I Enter Bigg Boss House, Balaji Will..." - Vanitha Gets Angry

  • 05 Nov 2020

Vanitha Vijayakumar is a former Bigg Boss contestant and the title winner of Cooku With Comali.  

Being a controversial TV personality, Vanitha started reviewing the current season of Bigg Boss, giving her two cents about the show. 

Now in a recent interview, Vanitha was seen losing her cool regarding Balaji's accusation towards Sanam. 

Recently Vijay TV deleted a promo which showed Sanam's complaint letter against Balaji, in which she wrote about Bala's baseless accusation saying that Sanam compromised to win the Miss South India 2016 title. 

Vanitha who took Sanam's stand on this issue roast Balaji. This is what she said:

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