"Nisha Is Fake," Bigg Boss Suchitra Confesses Before Exiting The Show

  • 23 Nov 2020

The Bigg Boss S4 show has reached its 50th day and the wildcard entrant singer Suchitra has left the show after getting the least votes among the nominees. 

Upon exiting the house, Suchitra joined Kamal Haasan on the stage and revealed several unknown details about the contestants.  

Suchitra was a contestant who watched half of the show before entering the Bigg Boss house. Thus, she revealed her before and after perceptions.  

"The contestants have two faces. Once the lights are gone, they gather in group and gossip about the rest and even plan certain things," she revealed.  

She further added that viewers have misunderstood Sanam as she is a sweet and genuine person in real. Meanwhile, she called Nisha as totally fake and Ramesh as very lazy.  

She further addressed that there are two groups in the house even though Bala denies having a group of his own.