"He's Triggering People!" - This Famous Actress Accuses Bigg Boss Aari

  • 06 Jan 2021

Aari Arjuna is a popular Tamil actor, fitness trainer, and philanthropist. He is participating in the reality show Bigg Boss S4 and has gained the support of the viewers for his fair game. 

Realising his fame during the 'Freeze Task', some of the contestants became intimidated. Following the task, Balaji and Aari have outrageous confrontations in the house. 

In yesterday's promo, it can be seen that Balaji and Aari got into a fight again during a task. In response to Balaji's arguments, Aari asked him if he's a real man. 

Yesteryear actress Sripriya has responded to the comment by saying that Aari is instigating the contestants. Here's what she tweeted:

Some of the netizens are wondering why Sripriya never tweeted about Aari before and only came forward to point out his mistakes in the final weeks of the show. 

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Behindwoods

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