[SHOCKING UNSEEN VIDEO] Sam Reveals Current Vote Standing To Balaji; Goes Against Bigg Boss Rules!

  • 13 Jan 2021

The Bigg Boss Tamil show is coming to an end in just a few days, and the voting process is on-going at the moment which will decide the title winner of Bigg Boss Tamil S4. 

However, fans are now shocked to discover that ex-contestant Sam has revealed to finalist Balaji regarding the current vote standing for the finale.  

While it is against the Bigg Boss rules to reveal the reality to the contestants, most of the ex-contestants failed to adhere to the rules. 

Most of the returned contestants revealed to Balaji that Aari is seen as a positive person in reality, and Bala was also prompting others to reveal how his character is projected outside. 

Now, this new unseen footage shows a discussion between Sam and Bala are trending online, and fans are furious why such important clip was not included in the main episode.  

Since the voting has yet to complete, fans find this unethical as sharing such information to the finalist can change the course of the game and anything can happen inside the house in just a few days.

Watch the video here:

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