As Astro celebrates 25 years of serving Malaysians, the content and entertainment company continues to revitalise its brand, as it powers ahead in its transformation journey to be Malaysia’s #1 Entertainment Destination and #1 aggregator of the best streaming services.

This sparks exciting opportunities for its brand partners to ride on Astro’s growing reach to individuals and homes in the streaming world to tell their brand stories and grow back stronger.

Celebrating Local Pride with Malaysian Brands

In the spirit of 25 years anniversary theme #BetterTogether, Astro Media Solutions has launched Astro 25 Promotion for brands, underpinned by special programmes such as Astro 25 Concert and a special Astro 25 pop-up channel on Channel 100 running until 3 October 2021. We are offering a spot buy package on Astro 25 (Channel 100) for maximum exposure at the lowest price ever of RM25,000 with high reach and frequency.

To make the anniversary offer even more remarkable, advertisers will have a chance to highlight how brands impacted the lives of Malaysians, reminiscing the memorable experiences shared in further empowering the best products and talents. Astro will undertake the full production cost and 1 week of media cost to run the 30-sec brand story customised for advertisers who purchase any package under the Astro 25 Promotion.

Astro 25 Concert

There wouldn’t be a complete celebration without live music entertainment! Transforming physical onground production into an immersive experience with cutting-edge virtual technologies, this anniversary live virtual concert slated on 25th September 2021 will provide an entirely new and engaging entertainment for audiences at home. Astro is excited to bring on board McDonald’s Malaysia and Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia as sponsors for the concert.

The celebration will kick off with a 25-year of music evolution journey; Malaysian superstars will share their journey to stardom with Astro; special guest performances by popular Korean artists and other famous international stars, reality show favourites and top comedians; virtual Nusantara and International performances and many more!

Special Astro 25 pop-up Channel (Channel 100)

The Astro 25 (Channel 100) features all the top-rated content across 3 most favourite genres of movie, entertainment and lifestyle varieties. The exciting line up of content covers 25 box office Malaysian movies such as Hantu Kak Limah, Polis Evo, Ola Bola; everyone’s favourite P Ramlee classic movies and top Asian movies.

“Astro’s 25th Anniversary is a celebration that must be shared with our trusted partners and loyal customers. We are taking this opportunity to look back with pride on how much we have evolved and grown with Malaysians, together making a cultural impact on the local entertainment scene. Here’s a video compilation of the 50 key achievements that we’ve made it together with our brand partners in past 9 months to upturn the current downturn. We are always excited to push the envelope further and create even bigger milestones together,” said Wong See Wei, Director of Astro Media Solutions.

For additional information about the 25th anniversary special advertising offer, please contact Astro Media Solutions at [email protected], or visit, the marketing hub for brands powered by Astro Media Solutions.