Arulini is a humble teenager who hails from Johor, and she's the eldest daughter in a family of six that consists of her loving parents, grandmother, little brother, and her beloved pet dog. Arulini was diagnosed with autism, a lifelong developmental disability, at a tender age but has always strived to give her best in all her endeavors.

She recalls how music helped her heal. At the age of four, she was able to hum the tune of a song after listening to it and she started taking part in stage shows at the age of eight. Arulini became the first runner-up at the renowned 'Muthamil Vizha' at the age of nine, which was her very first competition.

Arulini dedicated her big win to her parents, as well as her beloved late trainer sir Thamizh Thiru who passed away last year. She recalls meeting her Guru at the age of 12, who later taught her the technical aspect of music and important life skills.

"My real name is Ashwina. He gave me the name Arulini five years ago, and has always guided me throughout my life and constantly reminded me to stay grounded. I hesitated to join the competition without his company as his passing impacted me greatly. It was my parents who gave me the courage to move on and take part in this competition," she expressed.

Besides that, Arulini expressed that she doesn't perceive autism as a disability but sees it as a superpower, and the condition has not held her back, ever. Keep inspiring us all!