VJ Chithra's sudden death has raised many unanswered questions in everyone's mind, especially when we get to see the clip of the happy-go-lucky Chithu in her final show 'Star Music'.

Following her suicide, her parents revealed that her husband Hemant is the reason behind her death, and days later, Hemanth got arrested for abetting her suicide.

Now actor Azeem raises several valid questions regarding her death and suggests foul play in the on-going investigation.

"If Chithra wanted to hang herself, why is it necessary to shower, remove her make-up, change her clothes, and then suicide? Instead, she could have just died without doing all these," questioned Azeem.

He further pointed out that the sudden change in the investigating RTO officer, deleted CCTV camera footage, and deleted phone messages and audios are increasing his suspicion further.

Meanwhile, Azeem pointed out that Hemanth's contact with political leaders might be the reason behind such cover-ups, and further claimed that Police are only pretending to investigate but helping to erase the actual evidence.

"My acquaintance had called Chithra hours before her death, but she didn't pick up. Until now Police have not contacted him for an investigation, but revealed to media that they have done so," slams Azeem.

Watch his bold interview here: