Baakiyalakshmi is a Vijay TV serial that revolves around the life of a soft-spoken and naive woman who loves and cares for her family. Her innocence and lack of higher education become the subject of ridicule in front of her family. Her husband treats her badly and even starts seeing his ex-lover without the knowledge of the family members.

Serial actress Neha Menon plays the young daughter of Baakiyalakshmi. Recently, an Instagram fan page compared Neha's attire to Cooku with Comali Sivaangi on a story. Neha randomly reposted that story and started getting messages requesting her to not compare herself to Sivaangi.

Responding to the backlash of the story, Neha admitted that she's a big fan of Sivaangi and can't compare herself to the star whom she thinks is amazing and extremely talented.

Check out her response here:
Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: Vijay TV