Satish is a serial actor who plays one of the most hated roles in the trending Baakiyalakshmi serial.

In the popular Vijay TV's series, the actor plays Baakiyalakshmi's husband Gopi who cheats behind her back.

Satish previously revealed that he's being trolled by netizens for his controversial role, and now he has posted another video again following the release of the serial's new promo.

The actor now took social media to reveal that abusive comments and messages are flooding his social media accounts even though he's just an artist playing a negative role in the series.

"I'm Satish in real life, not Gopi," said the actor who requested netizens to stop using vulgar words towards him.

Watch his recent videos here:

A post shared by Sathish (@sathish_artist05)

A post shared by Sathish (@sathish_artist05)