It has been few months since Aari Arjunan was declared as the winner of Bigg Boss S4, and now another controversy involving the show has started between the participant Balaji Murugadoss, Anitha Sampath and Youtuber cum producer Ravindar.

The dispute started when Anitha Sampath released her audio conversation with Ravindar who was actively reviewing the show last year. Only a small portion of the conversation which took place six months back was released and Ravindar was criticised massively as he was seen taking credit for Aari's win.

In return, Ravindar accused Anitha of manipulating the audio and released more portion of it.

Meanwhile, Balaji recently bashed Behindwood's Youtube reviews by Ravindar during its award show, and Balaji's winning moment was removed from the show in return.

Now Anitha has finally revealed that it was her fellow contestant Balaji who released the audio, and Balaji who deleted his previous tweet regarding this matter has now posted that this doesn't deserve his attention: