Ahila and Revathy are by now, household names in most Indian households, as they entertain RAAGA listeners daily. Astro had a quick catch up with these two female hosts of the popular radio station, in conjunction with the International Women's Day yesterday. Here's the interview:

Please share brief background on your current role at RAAGA (segment, number of years in RAAGA, etc) and what your job entails?

Ahila: I've been a radio announcer at RAAGA for 10 years. I currently host ‘Kalakkal Kaalai’ (breakfast show) along with my co-announcer Suresh from 6am till 10am, Mondays to Fridays.

Revathy: I have been a RAGAA announcer for 16 years and currently host two segments including ‘Vanakam Raaga’ and ‘Innikke Enna Kathe’. I entertain my audience by playing their favorite songs while motivating them and sharing new information and updates.

What does the 2021 International Women’s Day slogan, #ChooseToChallenge mean to you?

Ahila: Every human faces different types of challenges on a daily basis. Women in particular, face multiple challenges during the different phases of their lives. To me, #ChooseToChallenge is all about women who wish to achieve something in life despite facing many challenges. Making that conscious choice to overcome the challenge is their first step to victory.

Revathy: Challenges are often the key to success. So, challenge yourself. Do not be afraid to take up any kind of challenges.

How do you adapt to the demands of the entertainment industry while balancing your personal life and goals?

Ahila: Time management and planning are key to my success. I always plan my day and try to be as punctual as possible at all times so that I can manage both my work and personal life effectively. These two traits have helped me tremendously in the past 10 years.

Revathy: Every day, I learn new things and adding up some beautiful things that I have learnt in my job accordingly. Motivating people motivates myself.

What would be your advice for women who would like to pursue a similar career as yours?

Ahila: Those who have an interest to join the entertainment industry, should learn about the industry first, including how it works. Speak to wide range of people who has the knowledge to get some insights. Most importantly, one should learn the do's and don’ts while growing themselves.

Revathy: Be bold, strong and brave while learning and adapting to new things.

Please share your International Women’s Day greeting/message to your fans.

Ahila: Happy Women's Day to every woman out there. Women are very special for being designed in such a way that they play an integral part at home, while holding numerous positions at work place as well. As a fluid human being, let's celebrate ourselves and other women out there as well.

Revathy: Happy Women’s Day to all women out there. Be proud of yourself. A woman’s power is more than you can imagine. You can achieve anything if you are bold enough, strong and can challenge yourself. Don’t worry too much about today, live your life and you can do wonders. I’m proud of myself and you too should be proud of yourself too.