Suresh Chakravarthy is one of the toughest contestants of this season who got eliminated earlier despite having a huge fan base.

The actor, who's fondly called as thata, started tweeting about the contestants and the episodes on and off.

Suresh who usually post about Archana, posted about her allies Som, Ramesh and Nisha this time.

While he said that Som should be more truthful when talking about the housemates in the call centre task, he also hinted that Som is lazy and don't perform well in the given tasks.

Meanwhile, he further trolled Jithan Ramesh for being embarrassed about his dad, and indirectly compared Nisha to rubbish by referring to the time Ajeedh jokes about Nisha while sweeping.

However, netizens find him biased as he only targets everyone close to Archana whom he dislikes, but turn a deaf ear to the actions and wrongdoings of other contestants such as Bala, Sivani, Gabby, Sanam and several others.

Check out his tweets here: