Saranya is a former actress, who is the daughter of prominent actors Bhagyaraj and Poornima, and the sister of actor Shanthanu.

Hailing from a family made of famous actors, Saranya took her chance in the industry and made her movie debut in 2006 with the help of her dad who directed her first movie.

She paired-up with Prithivi Raj in 'Parijatham' and the movie became a commercial success. However, she was soon rumoured to be in a love relationship with her co-star. The actress denied and claimed the rumours to be untrue.

Following that, the actress worked in two other movies in the same year, and one of the movies only got released in 2019 after being delayed over a decade.

After her third movie, the left the movie industry and started focusing on her personal life. She was in a long-distance relationship and was traveling to Australia quite often.

However, her relationship failed and the actress who got depressed tried to commit suicide three times. She was then sent to oversea to further her studies, and it is rumoured that the actress still refuses to get married due to this incident.

Source: Manithan and Tamil Crowd