Bharathi Kannamma is a Vijay TV's trending series which recently became the talk of the town.

In a recent interview, the director revealed that the drama will be coming to an end if Bharathi and Kannamma gets reunited.

However, the recent episodes of the series suggest that the are high chances for the separated couple to reunite once again.

This is because the serial's antagonist Venpa has left the DNA test report of Bharathi and Hema at Bharathi's house which is discoverable anytime.

Meanwhile, Kannamma who's stayed in hiding for over 8 years has now returned to Bharathi's home unexpectedly.

At the same time, Bharathi also saved Kannama's life after she was poisoned by Venpa.

Looking at the current turn of events, netizens are now speculating that the serial is nearing its end, as Bharathi and Kannamma can be reunited anytime.