Vijay TV is well-known for coming up with fun and entertaining shows with all its in-house stars. In its newest show called 'Enge Veettu Mahalakshmi', the channel is bringing together all the TV serial actresses together on one stage.

From the promos released, it can be seen that the TV stars are fighting for the title 'Enge Veettu Mahalakshmi' and in the process are required to act and perform on the show. Some of the popular faces of Vijay TV like Alya Manasa, Roshni Haripriyan, Myna Nandhini, and many others are part of the show.

In one of the promos, Bharathi Kannamma actresses Roshni and Farina Azad were seen breaking down on-stage speaking about their hurdles before being recognized as serial actresses. Catch the promo here:

Looks like the show is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Stay tuned to find out more!

Source: Cine Ulagam
Photo Credit: Vijay TV