Bharathi Kannamma is one of the trending TV serials on Star Vijay which revolves around Kannamma, a dark-skinned and soft-spoken Tamil girl, and her husband Dr. Bharathi. The roles are played by actors Roshni Haripriyan and Arun Prasad, respectively.

Actress Roshini who got her big break after starring in the serial also won an award for her bold role in the serial. She even revealed in an interview that she will be seen on the silver screen soon.

Staying true to her words, it's believed that Roshni is leaving the Bharathi Kannamma serial to pursue an acting career in Kollywood.

While the actress hasn't revealed her decision, October 23rd was reportedly her last day of the shoot. The Bharathi Kannamma team is believed to be actively looking for a new actress to replace her role.

Previously, actor Akhil who played Kannama's brother-in-law Akhilan left the serial after getting a role in a film. The serial's villain Venba is also heavily pregnant and will need to leave for her delivery.

Will the Bharathi Kannamma fans be able to accept their beloved stars leaving the characters one after another?

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Vijay TV & Roshni's Instagram