Bharathi Kannamma is one of the trending TV serials on Star Vijay. Kannamma is a dark-skinned and soft-spoken Tamil girl who is often subjected to ill-treatment by her own family. Bharathi is a self-righteous man who falls in love with Kannamma's kind nature and innocence.

Initially, Bharathi-Kannamma are a loving married couple. But, soon Bharathi starts doubting Kannamma's loyalty, which enrages her. She leaves the house and gives birth to twin daughters who are separated at birth.

Kannamma who's unaware that her daughters are twins raises Lakshmi as a single mother. Kannamma's mother-in-law brings Hema back home and the family accepts her as Bharathi's daughter.

After many years, Bharathi crosses paths with Kannamma again. His daughter Hema forms a strong bond with Kannamma without realising that it's her mother. Currently, Hema is staying with Kannamma since she's falling sick regularly and Kannamma turns out to be her 'medicine'.

In recent episodes, Bharathi has rekindled his feelings for Kannamma after seeing her kind nature. The fans have been hoping for a family reunion after a photo of Bharathi and Kannamma eating together with their daughters went viral recently.

The moment is finally happening. Check out the much-anticipated promo here:

However, some fans are speculating that the antagonist Venba will once again come up with an evil plan to stop their reunion from happening. What do you think? Let us know in the comments...

Source: Vijay TV