Bharathi Kannamma is one of the hit serials in STAR Vijay. Kudos to the team that was bold enough to explore women empowerment themes to make the story unique from the other serials. Kannamma is a timid and innocent girl who falls for Bharathi, a kind and righteous doctor.

After their marriage, the couple leads a happy life but Bharathi's friend and colleague Venba, who has feelings for him, frames Kannamma as a disloyal wife. Bharathi shuns his wife thinking that she has cheated on him and refuses to accept her child. Kannamma leaves Bharathi and decides to raise her daughter on her own.

The cast of the serial are like a family and often make funny Tik Tok videos during the shoot. In a recent video, stars who play Bharathi's mother and father can be seen professing love for each other. Their granddaughter in the serial intervenes and makes a funny gesture. The video has been shared many times and are making rounds on social media. Take a look:

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Source: Cine Ulagam
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