Bharathi Kannamma is a famous Tamil serial airing on Vijay TV. The story revolves around the lead couple Bharathi and Kannamma who fell in love and got married. Bharathi's friend Venba is secretly in love with him and separates the couple by accusing Kannamma of infidelity.

Many years have passed, their twin daughters Hema and Lakshmi who were separated at birth are being raised by Bharathi and Kannamma respectively. Bharathi is not aware that both the girls are his daughters.

Lately, Bharathi Kannamma fans have been treated to some reunion scenes on the serial. Bharathi slowly gets drawn to Kannamma again and loves spending time with her and the girls. However, he's not aware that Laksmi is Kannamma's daughter.

In the most recent episode, Bharathi discovers the truth about Lakshmi and gets shocked. Check it out:

Fans are now eager to find out about Bharathi's next step. What do you think will happen next week?

Source: Vijay TV