Actress Kasthuri has been rumoured to be the wildcard contestant of Bigg Boss 3. However, there hasn't been any official confirmation from the actress. She is closely following the show and analyses each housemate after watching the episodes,

"I'm watching the show every day, I was not even this sincere in doing my homework during school days," Kasthuri laughed while giving an interview recently.


Talking about the housemates in Bigg Boss 3, Kasthuri feels that the show chooses to portray them in a certain way to bring interesting content for the audience.

"It's weird, you know. How in Season 1 (of Bigg Boss) all 15 housemates didn't like one housemate (referring to Oviya) while everyone else from outside the house adored her?" Kasthuri questioned.

According to the actress, the show mostly shows what will stir controversies like the fights and arguments. The negative portrayal of housemates is part and parcel of the show. No one can escape it, even Kasthuri herself.

"No matter how you behave inside, the portrayal plays a big role in determining what the viewers think about you. Things can be one way when you see from far. When you get closer, it may turn out to be different. But now, after 3 seasons, the viewers are aware of it as well," Kasthuri explained.

Speaking about Sandy, she explained that Sandy has been Vijay TV's 'Chella Pillai' for years.

"They know his strengths and flaws. I feel like Bigg Boss chooses only to show his positive side. Even Kamal has become his fan. He always gives special attention to Sandy compared to everyone else and he gets the most applause!" she added.

You will be amazed how well Kasthuri explains her perception of each housemate in Bigg Boss 3. Here's the full interview:

Will Kamal reply to her allegations in next weekend's episode?

Photo Credit: Behindwoods & Galatta