The controversies surrounding the Bigg Boss S3 house are never-ending!

Recently, comedian Madhumitha who got terminated from the Bigg Boss show for attempting suicide revealed shocking details about the female contestants in the house.

When Madhumitha was still a part of the show, she was known for defending the dignity and pride of her fellow female contestants. However, the netizens were shocked to see her revealing intimate details about the very women she tried to protect by going against the boys.

While some netizens criticised the female contestants for dressing that way in the house, some see it as Madhumitha's stunt to defame others and gain the public's support. However, the show maintained its integrity by not showing such clips.

Now, following her revelation, Abhirami has slammed Madhumitha's action. Here's what she posted on her social media:

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Image credit: Vino Photography and Vijay TV