Anitha Sampath is a famous newscaster who participated in the Bigg Boss S4 reality show. Initially, she was trolled by the viewers for being a crybaby, however eventually Anitha turned out to be one of the toughest contestants on the show.
But after her clash with Aari, the news anchor was eliminated. Within days after her exit from Bigg Boss, her father passed away unexpectedly. Anitha was devastated but also grateful for being evicted earlier.

After her father's untimely death, Anitha shared that she's not going to enter the Bigg Boss house again. However, in the most recent promo of the show, Anitha returns. The housemates warmly welcome her in the video. Check it out:

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Netizens are wondering why Anitha changed her mind. Previously, replying to one of her followers' question previously, Anitha explained that meeting her friends inside the Bigg Boss house will assist in her healing but she was also worried that the viewers might criticise her. But she decided to join her Bigg Boss friends any way.

Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: Little Talks & Vijay TV