Anitha Sampath is a TV newscaster who participated in the reality show Bigg Boss S4. Despite being a tough competitor, she was recently evicted from the show.

Upon her exit from the Bigg Boss house, one of Aari's fan commented that the reason for her eviction is because she fought with the actor.

"Congrats from Aari's fans. Aari is always great. As Aari's fans we can do anything. Like making you leave the show," one of them commented.

Anitha responded to the comment by saying that it's nothing to be proud of and Aari won't even support what they are doing.

"It's an insult to say that we will send out anyone who speaks against Aari. Send out people who don't play the game well. That's the real Bigg Boss voting practice. That's why there are so many unqualified people inside the house. Aari won't feel proud of this. He will be disappointed to hear this," she replied.

Anitha also said that she's proud for standing up to Aari when he broke her trust and doesn't regret leaving the show with whatever votes she got from her fans.

"This is my last post about Bigg Boss. I've come to the real world. No one is 100% right," she added.

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz