Bigg Boss Archana is a famous host who recently became even popular after her wildcard entry into the smashing hit reality show, Bigg Boss S4.

Despite being one of the strongest contestants, Archana was criticised for using love as a strategy and overshadowing some of the contestants.

After the show, Archana received a lot of hatred and became the subject of memes. She even deleted her Twitter account. The Bigg Boss star was also trolled for the 'Bathroom Tour Video' on her YouTube channel.

In a recent post, the host revealed that she's going for a Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak re-construction surgery due to some strange developments in the skull near the brain. Check out her post here:

A post shared by Archana Chandhoke Official (@archanachandhoke)

Within hours after sharing the post, many celebrities wishes Archana and sent their prayers for her. Take a look at their wishes here:

We wish the host a speedy recovery after the surgery.

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