Bigg Boss S4 had its share of love and drama throughout the show last year. Balaji and Shivani were thought to be the lovers of the season. They were inseparable. Balaji was caught kissing Shivani on the forehead before the light's off at one point.

However, when Shivani's mother entered the show during the 'Freeze Task', she asked the serial actress to stay away from Balaji. But Shivani didn't take her mother's advice seriously.

But after her elimination, Shivani realised that Balaji was not how he seemed and confronted him when she re-entered the Bigg Boss house. After the show, they appeared to have moved on.

Surprisingly, Samyuktha posted a reel of Balaji, Shivani and herself dancing together, sparking rumours if that alleged couple started hanging out again.

Check out the video here:

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Source: Cine Ulagam
Photo Credit: Ocean News Day & Instagram