The Bigg Boss Tamil S4 has entered its second month and the contestants just bid farewell to their newest wildcard contestant Suchitra.

Following her exit from the show, Suchi revelaed that contestants like Rio Raj, Archana and Aranthangi Nisha have two faces, where they behave differently in front and behind the cameras.

Now, she has posted a meme related to Balaji and Shivani's love track in the show. Take a look at the Instagram story here:

After the infamous love story of Kavin and Losliya from Bigg Boss S3, netizens are a little sceptical when it comes to contestants falling in love in the show.

Their doubts intensified when Balaji told Aari that there's no love or anything in one of the episodes. With Suchi's post, it's pretty clear that Balaji and Shivani's supposed love story might be just a strategy to stay relevant and important in the show.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Little Talks & Crossover99